China Joins Security Council in Vote Against Qaddafi

China joined colleagues on the U.N. Security Council in a unanimous vote to impose sanctions on Colonel Qaddafi and to launch an investigation into “widespread and systemic attacks” on Libyan citizens in the wake of public protests against the current regime. From the Washington Post:

After Shalgam’s appeal, Russia and India agreed to support the provision authorizing an investigation. China, whose delegation requested time to seek instruction from Beijing, was the only holdout. It ultimately reversed its position and backed the vote, citing broad African and Arab support for the initiative.

The resolution imposed a travel ban on Gaddafi and 15 relatives and loyalists. Six of those individuals, including Gaddafi himself and his immediate family members, are also subject to a freeze of their assets.

In addition, the resolution calls on to respect press freedom and to permit the entry of relief workers, medical supplies and other humanitarian assistance. It also urges “to ensure the safety of all foreign nationals and facilitate the departure of those wishing to leave the country.”

The arms embargo is designed to prevent Gaddafi from resupplying loyalist forces, including thousands of African mercenaries.

See a report from the New York Times, and “China urges Libyan authorities to ensure safety of foreign nationals” from the Global Times.

February 26, 2011, 9:48 PM
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