Canada Could Deport China’s Most Wanted Man in Days

, who fled to Canada to avoid being prosecuted on charges, may be extradited back to China after a Canadian court rejected his asylum claim. From The Star:

Lai has been rejected as a refugee in Canada after claiming asylum based on fears that he will be executed if forced to return to face criminal charges for corruption and smuggling.

Federal court judge Michel Shore dismissed in a ruling Thursday night Lai’s last avenue to avoid deportation, which could happen as early as today.

Shore said a stay could not be granted because Lai failed to prove the Chinese won’t keep its promise. She said the Chinese government has given assurances to Ottawa that Lai will be treated fairly in its justice system and will not be given the death penalty.

“The life of the applicant is in the Chinese government’s hands,” wrote Shore. “The assurances are present. A new contractual government-to-government climate has been created by the assurances. . . . The future, yet to be seen by both countries and others, will stand as witness to the outcome.”

July 21, 2011 7:20 PM
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