Knife-wielding Assailant Subdued as Police End China Bus Hostage Emergency

A hostage situation on a bus in Nanjing was resolved when police reprehended the assailant, though details on injuries and fatalities have not been released, AP reports:

Chinese authorities say police have subdued a knife-wielding assailant and freed a busload of passengers he’d taken captive outside a major eastern city.

State media reports of Tuesday’s incident near Nanjing say at least three aboard the bus were injured and taken to a hospital. However, a city government spokesman who gave only his surname, Zhang, said all the hostages were successfully rescued and did not mention any injuries.

It wasn’t clear if the hostage taker had been killed or merely arrested.

An article in China Daily reports that the assailant was arrested and that, “casualties remain uncertain.”

The incident happened on the same day as an attack on a childcare center for migrant workers in Shanghai.

August 30, 2011 11:23 AM
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