Tibetan Nun Burns Herself to Death

A Tibetan nun died after setting herself on fire on Ganzi (Kandze), Sichuan, becoming the 11th Tibetan to self-immolate this year. From the Guardian:

Qiu Xiang, 35, set herself on fire at a road crossing in Dawu county of Ganzi, called Kandze by Tibetans, in Sichuan province, the state news agency said.

The nun was from the county’s Tongfoshan village, Xinhua said. The report said it was unclear why she killed herself and the local government had launched an investigation.

Last week, a Tibetan Buddhist monk doused himself in fuel and set himself ablaze in Ganzi.

Most people in Ganzi and neighbouring Aba, the site of eight , are ethnic Tibetan herders and farmers, and many see themselves as members of a wider Tibetan region encompassing the official Tibetan Autonomous Region and other areas across the highlands of China’s west.

Read more about the Tibetan self-immolations via CDT. The Dalai Lama has blamed the self-immolations on China’s policies in Tibet, while the government has tried to censor all online news of the immolations.

November 3, 2011 12:59 PM
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