Nepal’s Tibetans ‘Suffocated’ by Chinese Influence

AFP reports on the deteriorating situation of Nepal’s 20,000 Tibetan exiles as China’s influence in the country grows.

For decades, has been a safe haven for Tibetans fleeing China but activists say their people’s peaceful existence is at threat because of Beijing’s growing influence over its Himalayan neighbour ….

In February, Nepal police arrested 13 students protesting in front of the United Nations headquarters in Kathmandu, releasing them only after they had spent two weeks in jail.

“They were just taking part in a human rights protest and they were arrested. Before, when people got arrested they would be released on the same night,” said Dolma, who has been detained twice in recent months.

“We get information that they got orders from China to be kept in detention for so long.”

Last month, a CNN team was harassed on the Nepalese side of the border by plain-clothed Chinese men while reporting on the same issue, as Nepalese guards looked on.

March 12, 2012 10:38 AM
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