Beijing Unveils Two Fly Policy

Hot on the heels of the new “Three Have-Nots” campaign against undocumented foreigners, Beijing authorities have announced new guidelines for the city’s public toilets, including a limit of two flies per facility. From the BBC:

’s Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment said in a statement that the regulations aimed to standardise toilet management at places such as parks, railway stations, hospitals and shopping malls.

An unnamed official from the commission told local media that the guidelines on flies were meant for easy monitoring.

However media reports cast doubt over whether the guidelines could be enforced.

A commentary published in the Beijing News said one central Beijing district implemented a similar rule in 2008 when the city hosted the Olympic Games, but sanitation and hygiene still varied from toilet to toilet.

Effort should be invested on educating the public to use public toilets in a better manner, said the commentary.

May 23, 2012, 11:56 PM
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