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4th year Asian Studies major at UC Berkeley with a focus on China and Political Science. Particularly interested in gender construction, political dissent, nationalism, and socioeconomic polarization in the PRC. Likes to run, fence, and otherwise work out. Loves to eat.
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China WoW

As previously reported on CDT, the Chinese government has a record of treating the massive popularity of World of Warcraft (WoW) and other online games as a social ill which distracts Chinese youth from their social responsibilities or, alternately, threatens the stability of a harmonious society.  New research comparing U.S. and Chinese players of WoW conducted by Professor

October 30, 2008

CCTV Investigates Peasant Girl’s BBS Forum Post

In early September, CCTV reported on a bitter BBS post by a peasant girl working in Shanghai.  On Saturday the state news channel tracked down and interviewed Little Yang, who wrote the post titled ‘Late 70s Peasant Girl’s hopeless survival, would rather be a mistress than marry a poor person’ (Chinese). See the CCTV interview on ChinaSMACK blog has

October 27, 2008