Author: Jenny Leung

Jenny Leung is a graduate student in the Group in Asian Studies at University of California, Berkeley.
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Can China Afford its Space Mission?

Zhang Hong from the Guardian comments on China’s spacewalk: Nobody will doubt the space mission as a demonstration of the country’s overall development. However, the question is whether China can afford such an expensive pride. The former Soviet Union has spent trillions of dollars on a space programme to compete with the US, contributing to the fall of the Soviet Union

September 26, 2008

China Aims to Display Prowess With Spacewalk (Updated)

As China approaches its third mission into space, and the country’s first spacewalk, it not only is making history, but the timeliness of the walk after the Olympics has the additional component of helping build China’s image. From the The Wall Street Journal by Gordon Fairclough: China plans to send astronauts into orbit Thursday to conduct the nation’s first

September 25, 2008