Author: Jonathan Ansfield

Jonathan Ansfield reports for Newsweek magazine from Beijing, where he has lived for over eight years. His freelance work has also appeared in The Asian Wall Street Journal, Wallpaper, and The News York Times. From 2001 to 2004, he served as a general news correspondent for Reuters. His main area of interest is the Chinese media and its political and market roles in democratic change.
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Why Beijing Booked Its Bookkeeper

The probe into the Shanghai pension fund scandal keeps on yielding handy political dividends for China’s top leaders, and in particular, for the tough diet they’re trying to enforce to curb the state’s building bulge. First the party Feds busted Shanghai’s free-spending boss, Chen Liangyu. Now they’ve nailed the rather laissez-faire reformist

October 23, 2006

Hedging, Innuendo, and Qiu Xiaohua

What to make of Qiu Xiaohua’s abrupt removal from his job as China’s chief statistician? No one really knows for sure yet. Last week’s tersely worded Xinhua news agency item sounded an alarm bell that something was amiss. Word around Beijing is that Qiu will not be reassigned: he committed a “severe disciplinary violation” (‰∏•ÈáçËøùÁ∫™). But what?

October 18, 2006