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Josh Rudolph currently lives in Vancouver, where he recently finished an MA at the Institute of Asian Research at UBC. His thematic focus is on Asia Pacific Policy and media representations of Asian culture, society and religion, while his main geopolitical interest lies in China.
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Netizen Voices: A Unique Form of Necrophilia

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe’s December visit to the Yasukuni Shrine—a Shinto shrine in Tokyo honoring Japan’s war casualties, including some convicted of war crimes against China—nettled many in China. This visit, occurring amid heightened tensions over the disputed Diaoyu/Senkaku islands, inspired a Chinese diplomat to compare Japanese militarism

January 20, 2014

River Crabbed: Ah Q’s Scars, Heshen’s Grievances

The following censored weibo, which show netizens digging into China’s deep literary and cultural troves to reflect on the current state of society, were selected from FreeWeibo by CDT Chinese editors in November of 2013. @长安卖炭翁V:Ah Q wore a hat to conceal the [ringworm] scars on his head, and would let loose his temper on whoever dare remove his hat—an act that would further

January 17, 2014

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