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Samuel Wade is CDT's deputy editor, based in Vancouver.
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How a Chinese National Got Into Arizona’s Terror Center

At ProPublica, Ryan Gabrielson and the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Andrew Becker describe a suspected security breach involving Chinese nationals at what was once described as “‘one of the best-run and most effective’ intelligence facilities in the U.S..” Lizhong Fan’s desk was among a crowd of cubicles at the Arizona Counter Terrorism

August 26, 2014

China’s President Rides A Wave Of Popularity

While China’s new president Xi Jinping has disappointed some who hoped for political reform or human rights improvements, he appears to enjoy widespread popular support. Some credit for this may go to a vigorous image-crafting campaign comprising public appearances, interviews, books, articles, photos, videos, and cartoons, but NPR’s Frank Langfitt reports that Xi’s assertiveness

August 25, 2014

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