Author: Sophie Beach

Sophie Beach is CDT's Executive Editor. She lives in Berkeley, California.
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China and North Korea: No War, No Instability, No Nukes

Following North Korea’s third nuclear test, John Garnaut of the Age writes that if people in the West are expecting China to take a strong stand against the development of Pyongyang’s nuclear program, they will be disappointed: Those old Cold War patterns of great power rivalry, existential fear and buffer states are re-emerging in more complex form today. Beijing

February 12, 2013

Kim Lee Speaks Out Agaist Domestic Violence

Kim Lee, an American who was married to celebrity English teacher Li Yang, has become the public face for women fighting domestic violence in China. When Lee won her divorce case, after publicizing photos of her brutalized face, it was viewed as a landmark case in China, where domestic violence is not often discussed publicly. Since the resolution of her 18-month case, Lee has spoken

February 12, 2013