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More Evil Than Evil Itself – Lian Yue

Columnist Lian Yue writes in the Southern Metropolis Daily about the Shanxi brick kilns and other examples of the “plight of the struggling masses,” translated by ESWN: So far, you have only seen the beginning. According to the recollections and descriptions of some people, the “coerced labor” in the Shanxi brick kilns have traversed more than a decade

June 22, 2007

Migrant Workers in Shanghai – Christoph Tubbenthal

A documentary about migrant workers in Shanghai, by filmmaker Christoph Tubbenthal, is now available online at From the introduction: In modern day China millions of migrant workers are on the move to search for better living. Since labor in the rural areas is badly paid, many people are moving to big cities like Shanghai. For China this uncontrolled and illegal movement

June 21, 2007

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