China Embraces Russia, Remains Noncommittal Over Mediator Role

China’s friendship with Ukraine is “rock solid,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters during an annual Two Sessions press conference. “No matter how perilous the international landscape, we will maintain our strategic...

How Bush’s Africa Visit Trumps China’s Foray

In the International Herald Tribune, Howard French looks at how U.S. actions and words in Africa compare with those of China: Although Bush cannot fairly be said to have only now “discovered” Africa, this trip – from its...

Beijing’s Dictatorship Diplomacy – Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt and Andrew Small

An op-ed in the International Herald Tribune a couple of days ago argues that China is “overhauling” its attitudes toward the world’s despots, from North Korea to Burma to Sudan: The shift has been driven in part by China’s changing calculation of its economic and political interests. With its increased investments in pariah countries over […]

China’s ‘See-no-evil’ Brand of Diplomacy Has Got to Change – Andreas Ni

Lebanon’s Daily Star published an op-ed about China’s actions in Sudan, Burma and other regions: Overseas, China’s role in places like Sudan and Burma not only draws international opprobrium, but also taints its reputation. By maintaining cozy relations with repressive regimes and protecting them from international sanctions, China risks being seen as their accomplice. Even […]

Don’t Blame China for Myanmar – Kerry Howley

As world leaders call on China to act in the Burma (aka Myanmar) crisis, an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times argues that China does not have the answer: China is not Myanmar’s biggest trading partner; Thailand is. “You keep seeing these references to Chinese oil and gas assets in Burma,” Overholt said. “The reality […]

Waiting for China – Morton Abramowitz

From National Interest: China, China, China. It started with North Korea. It soon spread to Darfur. Now we need China for Burma. The Congo will probably be next. China has become the newest dues ex machina of international politics. In daytime it consorts with the forces of evil. At night, after pleadings from the world, […]

Why China Has It Wrong On Myanmar – Bernt Berger

From Asia Times: While Myanmar’s military government cracks down on peaceful protesters, China, as one of the regime’s main benefactors, is being held in some quarters as tangentially co-responsible for the violence. Although China’s ability directly to influence the regime is limited, Beijing does maintain considerable diplomatic sway in Yangon, and whether it supports new […]

China Rejects Attempt to Link Developments in Burma to Beijing Olympics – Glenn Kessler

From The Washington Post: A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy said yesterday that his government is working hard to stem the violence in Burma and argued against efforts by activists to link participation in the Beijing-based 2008 Summer Olympics to China’s handling of Burma. Linking the two is “totally irresponsible,” Wang Baodong, spokesman for the […]

Burman: China Has Much at Stake – Antoaneta Bezlova

From IPS: Jarring against a dearth of official news about the turmoil in Burma, the ‘Southern Weekend’ — one of China’s more liberal official newspapers — has chosen to run a lengthy feature about an ethnic Chinese entrepreneur striking it rich in the jade business in that neighbouring country. But the feature was curiously apt. […]

Echoes of Tiananmen Square РYang Jianli (杨建利)

From The Washington Post: In the early hours of June 4, 1989, I was on Chang’an Street, just west of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, when I saw Chinese soldiers open fire and kill many of my fellow protesters. I barely escaped the same fate. The horror of that day is seared in my mind like […]

China’s Role in Burma’s Crisis Under Global Scrutiny

From The New York Times: See No Evil, Speak No Truth After decades of brutal military rule, Myanmar’s people have taken to the streets to demand democracy, and they are being mowed down. China, India and Russia have the means ” but apparently not the will ” to stop Myanmar’s vicious junta from murdering more […]

Beijing Reaps Benefit of Protective Embrace – Ian Black and Cathy Scott-Clark

On China’s role in the unfolding civil crisis in Burma, why has Beijing long been the junta‘s main guardian, ready to resist any attempt to subject it to scrutiny? From The Guardian: China has expanded into key Burmese sectors such as natural gas, hydropower, minerals, wood, fisheries and farm produce as well as illicit narcotics, […]

China Silent on Burma Protests – James Reynolds

From BBC News: China is one of the closest allies of the ruling junta in Burma, but so far it has not made any public comment about the protests there. Traditionally, Beijing says that it does not comment on – or interfere in – other countries’ internal affairs. But China will be concerned about two […]

China Denies Stopping Aid to Zimbabwe – Xinhua

It seems now that reports of China withdrawing aid from Zimbabwe’s Mugabe regime were wrong. From Xinhua: The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe on Tuesday dismissed as false media reports claiming that China has withdrawn all assistance except humanitarian aid to Zimbabwe. A spokesperson from the Chinese Embassy said contrary to the reports, Zimbabwe and China […]

China Is to Withdraw Backing for Mugabe – Richard Spencer

The Chinese government has announced plans to drop all support for Zimbabwe, except humanitarian assistance, in an effort to tone down its support for dictatorial regimes: Robert Mugabe is to lose vital support from one of his few remaining allies on the world stage, China. One of the Zimbabwe president’s oldest diplomatic friends, China yesterday […]

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