East Asia

Tripping Over a Me-First Foreign Policy

Odd Arne Westad argues that China’s foreign policy has become counterproductively aggressive in its narrow pursuit of immediate national interests, and that a more persuasive approach would serve the country and region...

China, Japan Plan Group on EU Lines

From the Times of India: In a move that is considered to send shock waves around the world, Japan and China have proposed a plan to create an “East Asian Community,” similar to the European Union, which could make a...

A Sense of Community Elusive for East Asia

In the International Herald Tribune, Howard French looks at the prospects for a community of Northeast Asian nations: The first thing that must be said about East Asia is that for all of its economic achievements, it lags...

Why Asia cannot afford to turn away investors – Guy de Jonquieres

Commentary from Financial Times (link): Is a contagion of corporate nationalism spreading from the west to the east? At first sight it may seem so, as companies and politicians around Asia, particularly in its three largest economies, seek to repel unwelcome intruders from abroad. The most striking case is China. After long courting foreign investors, […]

An Asian Union? Not yet – Philip Bowring

From the International Herald Tribune: The inaugural East Asia summit in Kuala Lumpur that ended on Thursday can be seen as a significant setback for Chinese diplomacy. That may seem a surprising conclusion given the way that Beijing has been enjoying the run of Asian diplomatic play for at least the past three years. But […]

India’s New Year message for China- Indrani Bagchi

From The Times of India: India and China will begin the year 2006 with a strategic “clearing” of the air. At the new round of “strategic” talks between the two Asian giants, India will tell China that it is not in the business of “containing” China. This will be on top of the agenda when […]

Why the East Asian summit matters – Barry Desker

From Asia Times: Today, the presence in Kuala Lumpur of a rising China and resurgent India and the absence of the United States, which has played the role of an Asia-Pacific hegemon since the end of the World War II, suggest we are on the cusp of a new era. The inaugural East Asian summit […]

In East Asia, there is more than one way to rise – Kin-ming Liu

From The International Herald Tribune: Two days before Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s recent landslide electoral victory in Japan, five of China’s warships were spotted near a gas field in some contested waters between the two countries in the East China Sea. This probably helped Koizumi pick up extra votes from those Japanese who are increasingly […]

David Shambaugh: Beijing charms its neighbors

From The International Herald Tribune, via Glimpse of the World: In a recent poll of Australians conducted by the Lowy Institute in Sydney, 69 percent of those surveyed had “positive feelings” towards China, while only 58 percent had such sentiment for Australia’s staunch ally, the United States.

Tom Plate: Why China will avoid war

From The South China Morning Post, via A Glimpse of the World: We in the west – despite our ritualistic advocacy of democracy – do appreciate the decision by Beijing officials to clamp down on the anti-Japan protests, clear out the streets, order people to leave the incendiary anti-Tokyo chat rooms, and cease acting as […]

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