China’s employment problem is prominent this year

From People’s Daily Online:

The “Workers’ Daily” published an article April 8 analyzing the employment situation in 2005 in China. The article pointed out that in 2005 there are prominent structural contradictions with an austere employment situation.

The article said that the key problem facing China in 2005 is still the contradiction among the full employment demand, over-supply and unsuitable quality, which is getting more prominent, especially the structural contradiction. It is still a very strenuous task to improve the employment situation in China.

It embodies in the following four aspects: 1. The total labor supply is over demand. 2. There is the imbalance in inter-regional development. 3. There is a prominent structural contradiction. 4. There is a re-employment issue for the laid-off workers in collective-run enterprises.

April 10, 2005, 8:01 AM
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