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Sinopsis & Jichang Lulu: UN with Chinese Characteristics

“The CCP has made it a major goal of its UN work to maximise its ‘discursive power’ at the organisation, seeking to redefine ‘human rights’ and get Xi Jinping’s pet initiatives institutionally endorsed by an international body.” This is one of the conclusions in a new report published by Sinopsis and Jichang Lulu. The report: United Nations with Chinese Characteristics:

June 24, 2018

Translation: Guo Wengui on Jiang Zemin’s Secret Empire

CDT cannot verify any information presented by Guo Wengui.  For the past six months, from his $67 million perch over Manhattan, Guo Wengui, a billionaire with known ties to former top Chinese intelligence officials, has been hurling allegations against Party leaders that have shaken Zhongnanhai, promising that these revelations can provide a glimpse into the heavily-fortified

September 14, 2017

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