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Google CEO: China’s Internet Censorship will Fail in Time

From the Computer World: China currently has 420 million Internet users, according to Chinese government statistics. But certain sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are blocked. At the same time, China heavily invests into policing the web, using a large organization of regulators that are estimated to number from 30,000 to 50,000, Schmidt said. Still, the sheer number

November 4, 2010

Francesco Sisci: Liang Congjie – China’s ‘green’ Cassandra

From Asia Times: Liang Congjie then was no simple prophet. He was the target of a curse that stretched from generation to generation, as if Greek tragedy interloped with the Buddhist hell in which the sins of the fathers spawn the damnation of the sons. Moreover, it is hard to see what tragedy was worse, the end of the empire, the dissolution of peerless monumental cities, or the beginning

November 3, 2010

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