Murray Scot Tanner: Chinese Government Responses to Rising Social Unrest

Recent testimony by Murray Scot Tanner (of the Rand Corporation) in front of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, about “Chinese Government Responses to Rising ” is available here for download (PDF file):

My testimony today will briefly examine the rise of social unrest in China today, its sources and changing forms, as well as the sharp dilemmas China’s Party leaders and security officials are facing as they search for an effective strategy for coping with this challenge. My testimony draws in part upon a unique set of sources – the surprisingly blunt internal debates over unrest that have been going on among China’s police officials and analysts several years now. I will close with a few comments on what I consider to be a somewhat disturbing trend – China’s recent tacit support for anti-Japanese demonstrations this past week.

April 14, 2005 4:57 PM
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