People’s Daily: Is it American democracy or American arbitrariness?

This editorial appeared in the People’s Daily on April 26, 2005. Although it is not about China, it gives the Chinese (state) perspective on American .

From The People’s Daily:

“Is it American democracy or American arbitrariness?”

This editorial argues that the current wave of democracy in the world is due to the US “democratic offesnive,” which has three “deadly weak points” in that:

-“The motive that the Bush administration “exports democracy” to other countries is impure.”
-“Bush administration’s way of “exporting democracy” is immoral.”
-“Dangerous consequences are available for the Bush administration to “export democracy” by force.”

In conclusion, the editorial states:

“The “democratic offensive” pursued by the Bush administration shows to the world that in fact it is not the American democracy that is lovable, but the American arbitrariness that is hateful.”

April 26, 2005, 10:39 PM
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