David Armstrong: China’s complex U.S. connections

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Boeing could lose billions in contracts for commercial jetliners. A deal to speed lucrative sales of U.S. software to Chinese government agencies could come undone. Beijing may become more intransigent about revaluing its currency vis-a-vis the dollar. The business climate for U.S. companies heavily invested in China’s fast-growing market could turn chillier.

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These are just some of the scenarios that could occur if Washington blocks the proposed sale of California oil and gas firm Unocal Corp. to the 70 percent government-controlled China National Offshore Oil Corp. on national security grounds, China-watchers and American business executives say.

See also Orville Schell’s opinion piece “Buying America, Chinese-style,” and “It doesn’t matter who wins Unocal, some say” from the SF Chronicle.

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July 17, 2005 6:31 AM
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