A true story about Taishi village incident

From ChinaDaily:

A spokesman for the Panyu district government, in an interview with www.southcn.com on October 21, revealed a detailed, true story about the village incident. The following is a digest of the exclusive interview. The spokesman was also interviewed on October 15 on the same matter.

The entire process – from the time when some villagers proposed to dismiss the village committee head to the time when the motion became invalid

Taishi village is located north of Yuwotou town in Panyu district, with a permanent population of 2,040 and qualified voters of 1,502. In recent years, the village economy grew fast. In 2004, net revenues of the village’s collective economy reached 4.81 million yuan, 3.1 times of the amount in 2001. The current village committee head, Chen Jinsheng, was first elected in October 1998, and was reelected successfully in April this year.

October 21, 2005, 9:53 AM
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