Visiting an AIDS Village in Northern Anhui – Chen Jian

ESWN has translated two articles from the Chinese press about AIDS in China. From China Youth Daily, “Visiting an AIDS Village in Northern Anhui“:

55-year-old Lu Jingxian sat by his lonesome self on the side of the bed, chewing on the dried bun like an expectant mountain goat bleating away. In the early 1990’s, he was a “blood head (˰ħ¥)” in Luliu village, Lixin county, Anhui province. “When the telephone call came from the county, I would ask all the residents in the village to go by car together to the blood station (to sell blood).” He said that people made more than 40 yuan each time. “They had to have 10 yuan deducted for the transportation, but I didn’t.” When Lu Jingxian spoke about the kickback that he got from being a “blood head”, he was still somewhat proud.

And from Southern Weekend, “Warning! Using The Name of ‘HIV’ To Commit Fraud“.

December 1, 2005 9:08 AM
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