Google’s China site sparks bloggers’ outrage – Jonathan Loades-Carter

From the Financial Times:

on Wednesday came in for some harsh criticism from , outraged at its decision to set up a censored Chinese version of its website which will block results in order to avoid angering the country’s Communist government. The site will not provide Gmail or other services that will open up its use to unfettered expression.

A quick query on Google’s own blog search service service brought up hundreds of references to the move. A random sample showed that most bloggers were vehemently against the policy.

See also “Winter is Deep, But Spring Nowhere to Be Seen” from the Non-violent Resistance blog and “Google: China decision painful but right” from Reuters. More on this topic, via Google News. This topic in the blogosphere, via Technorati.

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January 25, 2006, 12:54 PM
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