China-Japan trade hit new high – People’s Daily

From People’s Daily (link):

The China- rose by 12.7% to reach 189.3 billion US dollars last year, hitting a new high for seven year in a row, according to statistics released by Japan External Trade Organization.

The statistics show though trade volume between the two countries continued to surge last year, the growth slowed down compared with 2003’s 30.4% and 2004’s 26.9%.

In 2005, Japan’s exports to China amounted to 80.3 billion US dollars, a rise of 8.9% over the year before and the imports from China hit 109 billion US dollars, up 15.7% over 2004.

Also from People’s Daily: China-Japan political relations affect economic ties: commerce minister.

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February 24, 2006 6:51 PM
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