China branches out – Raymond W. Copson

From Los Angeles Times (link):

WHEN PRESIDENT Bush meets with Chinese President Hu Jintao on April 20, will he raise the issue of China’s role in ? He should. China’s rising and underreported influence in is posing a direct challenge to American influence and undermining U.S. policy.

At the U.N. Security Council, China ” with Russia and Qatar ” is reportedly discouraging talk of U.S.-backed sanctions targeted against Sudanese officials responsible for the carnage in Darfur. Beijing also is providing food aid directly to the government of Zimbabwe ” notorious for doling out food to supporters while letting suspected political opponents go hungry ” instead of following Washington’s example of channeling food aid directly to Zimbabwe’s people through international and nongovernmental organizations.

See also “China-Africa trade jumps 39%” by BBC Jan. 2006; and “China and Africa: a new era of ‘south-south cooperation’” on OpenDemocracy; also “China in Africa:All Trade, With No Political Baggage” by Howard French of the New York Times in Aug. 2004; and “Admiration and Wariness Towards China” by Inter Press Service News Agency in Mar. 2006

April 13, 2006 11:04 PM
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