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Michael Zhao graduated from UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, where he produced an in-depth multimedia thesis on electronic waste dumping from the rich world to developing countries. He also made a short documentary on the same topic, available on his personal site. He now works at Asia Society's Center on US-China Relations as a multimedia producer in New York. Michael worked for the New York Times Beijing Bureau as a reporting assistant from 2003-2005. He graduated from the Beijing Language & Culture University with a bachelor's degree in English. He co-authored a book on learning Chinese language and culture, Urban Chinese: Mandarin in 21st Century China. Michael was born and grew up in Wuhan, China.
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Memorial Video: “China Shaken”

Yet another sad video story to present after “eDump.” But this one was so heartbreaking to make that my laptop crashed right after I finished editing it at 3 am on Saturday, May 24 (true story). The earthquake and its aftershocks rocked the whole nation, and certainly overseas Chinese too. Both my wife and I cried before or during the video’s production. Chinese

May 26, 2008

Food Crisis – A Wake-up Call to Guangdong

With food crisis alarms sounding around the world, Guangdongers may stop thinking “I can buy whatever as long as I have the bucks.” A CCTV report translated by CDT from Guangdong is well known as the world’s factory. A lesser-known fact is, it has become an industrial province that relies mostly on imported grain, from other provinces as well as other

May 10, 2008

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