China to Quiz Civil Servants on Their Morality – Reuters

From Reuters via the New York Times (link):

China, trying to rein in official which has blossomed alongside 30 years of economic reforms, is to examine on their as well as work performance, Xinhua news agency said.

Morality would become a “key criterion” when making decisions on promotions, pay rises and rewards, and even punishment, Xinhua said late on Monday, quoting a senior official with China’s personnel authority.

“Civil servants, who are at the forefront of civil affairs, should take the lead in improving their moral standards, which is in line with China’s ‘socialist concept of honor and disgrace‘ — a concept that extols patriotism, plain living and honesty among others,” said Xinhua, quoting the vice minister of personnel, Yin Weimin.

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May 30, 2006 6:20 PM
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