Rock Star versus Media – The Beijing News

From EastSouthWestNorth blog (link):

At around 10am on May 10, went to the office of Beijing Times. According to eyewitnesses, Dou Wei(Á™¶ÂîØ) demanded to see the reporter named Zhuo Wei (Âç쉺ü) who had written several reports about him. When Zhou did not appear, he sat quietly and waited. But after his request was not met, he smashed a television set and a computer. When a Beijing News department head came to see him, Dou Wei tossed a glass of water into the person’s face. The Beijing News(Êñ∞‰∫¨Êä•) people contacted a couple of Dou Wei’s friends and asked them to come and calm him down. Shortly after noontime, Dou Wei left with his two friends. As he was leaving, Dou Wei said that he would be back in three hours.

May 13, 2006 12:33 AM
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