Liu Ye in “Dark Matter” – Sina News

liuye.jpg From Sina News via Monkey Peaches: reports Chinese actor Liu Ye has visit the States again to prepare for his role in the American indie project Dark Matter(ÊöóÁâ©Ë¥®/ʵÅÊòü), which would also star Meryl Streep and Val Kilmer. Inspired by a true story, Dark Matter tells a tragic story: a young Chinese studying in America who reacted violently after his chance of winning the Nobel Prize was ruined by the campus politics. To prepare for his role, Liu Ye has taken a series of English lessons and has acquired director Zhang Yimou‘s permission to temporarily leave the production of The City of Golden Armor if Liu was ever wanted for Dark Matter on the other side of the Pacific. [full text need to scroll down]

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June 2, 2006, 4:01 PM
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