The Liu Zhihua Case: reading power and profit through the Chinese newspaper page – David Bandurski and Brian Chan

liu zhihua.jpg From China Media Project:

Once we move administratively above the Beijing municipal party committee to national party papers with a commercial interest in the Liu Zhihua story, the differences become more pronounced. The image below is the cover of Jinghua Times, a commercial spin-off of the official mouthpiece, People’s Daily, that started off our analysis. Jinghua Times has a definite commercial interest in the story about – it can “attract eyeballs”, as they say in today’s Chinese media industry. At the same time, it doesn’t need to step gingerly around top Beijing city leaders. However, the ban on reportage is national (the central government is worried about fallout for the Olympic Games), so there is no additional news material. The answer is a massive headline under the banner that directly pronounces ’s removal from office. Readers are then referred to the story on the inside pages, where they will find, you guessed it, the Xinhua news release. [Full Text]

More news about Liu Zhihua case via CDT.

June 21, 2006, 6:48 AM
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