Thoughts on leaving college – Joel Martinsen

From Danwei:

Yesterday, the school sent down a notice – “The entire 2006 graduating class must complete exit paperwork and leave the school by 4 July.”

Like a sudden verdict, each word of this news stabbed at my ears. Hearing it, it was not longer like those other notices coming over the loudspeaker, to be ignored if you pleased. It was a rude administrative command, bluntly telling us, “You’re graduated, you may leave.” Between the lines, though, it was saying, “You must leave!” I’m not walking through the gates of the school – I’m being kicked out. A sense of shame at being discarded rose within me. Having graduated, of course we’ll leave – we can’t just hang around, can we? Perhaps to students who have found jobs, it does not matter either way, but what of the 70% of students who have not found or decided on a job? It’s like we’re being pushed out of the incubator in a stupor, pushed out into some unknown, intermediate void, and the storm’s about to break….[Full Text]

June 23, 2006 6:58 AM
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