A Part of China, but Apart From It – Peter S. Goodman

From The Washington Post:

Naydup Gyatse, chief of this settlement on the grasslands of the high Tibetan plain, does not know the name of China’s president. Nor does he want to. On the map, this land is part of China’s Sichuan province. But to the 300 people who live here, it is part of greater Tibet.

They sleep in stone houses and eat tsampa, the barley porridge that is a staple for ethnic Tibetans, washing it down with hand-churned yak-butter tea. The trip to anywhere else — to town for supplies or medical care — is made on foot or on horseback over a dirt path, as they wait listlessly for a long-discussed road. On their walls, they hang photos of the Dalai Lama, the paramount leader of Tibetan Buddhism, whose image is banned in China. [Full Text]

July 4, 2006 7:54 AM
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