China Accuses Dalai Lama of CIA Links – Reuters

From Reuters via the New York Times:

An official Chinese commentary accused the Dalai Lama on Wednesday of collaborating with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, rejecting the Tibetan leader’s overtures and casting a shadow over fence-mending talks.

The , who fled his homeland in 1959 after a failed uprising against Chinese rule, has proposed a “Middle Way” policy seeking autonomy but not independence for .

Shedding light on the secretive talks, a Chinese government official said in May the Dalai Lama’s envoys raised the issue of Greater Tibet which China cannot accept. [Full Text]

See Chinese official opinion from People’s Daily Online: Dalai Lama’s ‘Greater Tibet’ Defies Tibetan People’s Will and China Daily’s What is Dalai Lama’s ‘Middle Way’

July 26, 2006 8:13 PM
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