“Retired Official” and His Corrupt Family Business – Li Xinde

From Yulun Jiandu, translated by CDT:

Corrupt former Fuxin Mayor Wang Yachen is now behind bars, after a report by China Youth Daily and subsequent investigation from Beijing. Rumors in , Liaoning, have it that, however, Wang may be punished lightly for his outrageous crime and deals. People say that his family has showered bribes on provincial officials totaling about 4 million yuan.

Wang Xiaoyun and Wang Xiaogang, daughter and son of the former mayor, are both now senior officials with the city’s public security bureau. They reportedly beat up a company boss and employees, threatening the boss to give away, step by step, a majority of the company assets to the Wang family.

Both the daughter and the son are so-called “three-fake cadres,” with fake diploma, fake record and fake cadre status. Their father’s arrest seems not to have taught them a lesson to tame themselves. Instead, they have been broadcasting in the city that provincial officials have been paid off and their father will soon be freed. Discipline inspection and anti-corruption officials in Shenyang are their buddies, they said.

They even further threatened the boss of the company that their family almost took over. Ten newly released convicts were paid 100 yuan a day to follow the executive with chopping knives. Many employees dare not go to work. [Full Text in Chinese]

See also China Youth Daily’s “A Retired Official’s Business Savviness (in Chinese)”

July 5, 2006, 8:53 PM
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