Einstein’s Man in Beijing: A Rebel With a Cause – Dennis Overbye

The New York Times section has a lengthy profile of dissident physicist Xu Liangying:

11.190For seven decades, Xu Liangying has been Albert Einstein’s man in China, intertwining revolution and physics to speak up for political freedom and the value of scientific curiosity in a land where the rulers have often had a different agenda. His Einstein translations, retrieved and published, helped inspire a rebirth of interest in Einstein and in science in China.

Chinese leaders say today that science is the key to the country’s modernization and growth, but Dr. Xu finds no pleasure in that.

“They are just using it to serve themselves,” he said recently. [Full text]

An essay by Xu Liangying, “Reflections on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of June Fourth” is here.

August 22, 2006, 8:25 AM
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