Patients Cash Gifts Not Bribes: Beijing Health Bureau – ChinaNews Net

From ChinaNews Net via Yulun Jiandu, translated by CDT:

“Red envelopes(Á∫¢ÂåÖ),” a stud of cash from patients’ families, usually willingly, to , are not commercial bribes, says the Beijing Health Bureau, which is in charge of all hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.

The city’s health bureau did set up a commercial self-correction account a month ago to crack down on illegitimate deals between medical devices makers, pharmaceuticals and health care providers (hospitals).

“Red envelopes” are unhealthy trends, the health authorities admit, and should also be corrected. But they are not a matter of the same seriousness. [Full Text in Chinese]

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August 16, 2006 7:55 PM
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