Hong Kong Reporters Beaten At Shenzhen – ESWN

From ESWN blog:

A group of mainlanders attacked two reporters from outside the Shenzhen Fuhua Hospital on Tuesday while the reporters were covering a compensation lawsuit over the hospital’s use of a toxic gel (PAAG) in breast enhancement.

The reporters, from two Hong Kong television stations, were surrounded by at least 10 people who had emerged from the hospital. The attackers, including women wearing white medical gowns, punched and kicked the reporters and at one point drew water pipes. The Shenzhen Public Security Bureau later arrested five mainlanders in connection with the attack.

Shenzhen are completely silent on this matter today due to an official ban. They were notified to wait for the official statement, which has yet to appear[Full Text].

September 27, 2006 9:51 PM
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