Author: Mo Ming

God vs. Country – Lygia Navarro

Lygia Navarro writes about how Chinese students, educated as atheists since they were in the kindergartens, get converted by Christian ministers when they are studying in the U.S., and what it means to those students. From East Bay Express: On a clear spring evening in Berkeley, Ying, a former atheist, goes to church. Inside the building’s fluorescent-lit dining room, she

June 26, 2007

Finally Rescued, China’s ‘Slaves’ Detail Their Plight

The Wall Street Journal reporter Gordon Fairclough interviewed one of the victims of the Shanxi Brick Kiln forced labor case and published a detailed story on how Li Yaokai, one of the first abducted children to “give an extended interview to the foreign press”, got kidnapped at Zhengzhou Railway Station and was transported to Shanxi to work as a slave laborer at a brick

June 19, 2007

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