The Aftershocks of the Shanghai Political Earthquake (part 5): Chen Liangyu’s “Personal Cashier” Under Investigation

Liu Hongwei, Assistant Minister of Finance and former head of Bureau of Finance of , is under the investigation of the Central Committee of Discipline Inspection, Taiwan newspaper China Times said.

Liu is not only a good accountant, but is also a good dancer. She used to be the accountant and dancing partner of former chief of CPC Shanghai Committee , the newspaper said. Chen was just sacked for severe discipline violations.

Both Liu and Chen are from Ningbo, a coastal city in east Zhejiang province. In 1998, Chen promoted Liu to the head of Bureau of Finance and Bureau of Taxation, two pivotal administrations in charge of Shanghai’s treasury.

Through Liu, Chen closely controlled the treasury. Liu also played a significant role in Shanghai’s , the newspaper said.

Click HERE to read the report from China Times (Chinese).

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October 5, 2006 2:26 PM
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