8 Things I Wish I Had Missed During The China Internet Blackout – Shanghai China Snippets

From Shanghai China Snippets:

Positive solutions did a post on the things he missed when the in China went back to the dark ages. A nice angle and I will blatantly copy his idea and spin it into telling you what I wish I had missed in this period.

1. Staring at my browser for ages hoping that the other half of the page will make it through

2. Being punished daily by having to read the China Daily and the Shanghai Daily as my sole information source. This gave me also the insight what it must be like to be condemned to only Chinese language mainland websites.

3. Clicking a banner on the People’s Daily about the 100-days campaign against piracy and finding out it ended in October 2006. I wondered what happened on day 101.[Full Text]

January 3, 2007 11:40 AM
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