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Chinese movie fans have picked up a new hobby: entertain themselves by spoofing entertainment itself, such as movies. Even though some Chinese movies are posting encouraging box office results, China’s industry as a whole seems to be losing the audience. Via Xinhua, translated by CDT:

The number of Chinese movies has been rising significantly in recent years, but the number of memorable classics is sliding. As Wang Haizhou (Áéãʵ∑Ê¥≤), deputy director of film research institute of the Beijing Film Academy, said in a TV and film workshop, China’s movies are entering an era that lacks character creation.

Many characters have left deep imprint on people’s hearts, especially many in old films, including revolutionary films, such as soldier Li Xiangyang (ÊùéÂêëÈò≥ photo above) in “Guerillas Sweep the Plain (Âπ≥ÂéüÊ∏∏ÂáªÈòü)” made in 1955.

“Character is an important way to enhance the beauty of movies,” Wang said. But he says now there are hardly any characters in today’s films that are striking, but names of film stars are becoming more and more popular. People only know who starred in so and so movie, but don’t know which characters are in the movies.

One of the reasons that there is a missing innovation in creating characters is, Wang notes, movie makers are getting more and more drifted apart from real life.

There is hope, however, that 2007 will see a spectrum of new movies: Stephen Chow‘s “A Hope (Èïøʱü‰∏ÉÂè∑),Peter Chan (ÈôàÂèØËæõ)’s “This Violent Land (Âà∫È©¨)” starring Jet Li, Feng Xiaogang‘s “The Assembly (ÈõÜÁªìÂè∑)” and John Woo‘s “Blood Brothers (§©Â†ÇÂè£)” [Full Text, in Chinese]

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