Chinese Guards Tortured Captured Tibetans, Says Teenage Survivor – Randeep Rames

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More than 30 Tibetans were tortured and incarcerated in a labour camp after their bid to escape across the Himalayas from their homeland failed when Chinese border guards fired on the unarmed group, according to a survivor.

In the first reported account of what happened to those taken from the Himalayas, 15-year-old Jamyang Samten said that he was one of a number of Tibetans who ended up being electrocuted and forced to dig ditches “as a warning” to others.

Samten was part of a group of 75 people who were making their way over the 5,800-metre high Nangpa La Pass last September when Chinese guards opened fire. At least two people – including a Buddhist nun – were killed.

The incident was filmed by a Romanian television producer on a mountaineering expedition, sparking an international outcry. Beijing had claimed that the refugees were shot when border guards were attacked. [Full Text]

February 1, 2007 8:43 AM
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