List of Officials Who Kill Others or Themselves – Yulun Jiandu

Here is an unusal list of Chinese officials who are involved in muder or cases, via Yulun Jiandu (translated by CDT):

Xu Fa (徐发), chief of Heilongjiang provincial procuratorate, jumped out of his 9th-floor apartment in 2006, died. He was earlier found to have been involved in an office-selling case and would have been seriously punished.

Zheng Maoqing (ÈÉëËåÇÊ∏Ö), former Hunan province vice-governor, slit his wrists at home in 2006 but survived. While he was in charge of the province’s industry, transportation and work safety, there were many coal mine accidents and transportation scandals. On the day of his attempted suicide, he was summoned by Beijing’s central discipline committee officials for a talk for potential cases.

Wang Wei (王伟), Jilin City vice-mayor, hanged himself at home in 2006. A chemical plant explosion in his city spilled pollution into neighboring Heilongjiang Province and even Russia. Officials were suspected in an attempted cover-up, Wang chief among them.

Lu Debin (ÂêïÂæ∑ÂΩ¨), Henan province vice-governor, arrested in 2005 on suspicion of paying to have his second wife killed. Also arrested was Xinxiang City vice-mayor Shang Yuhe (Â∞öÁéâÂíå). The body of Lu’s wife was found in ten pieces.

Zhang Yongqing, deputy chief of Fushun County’s police department in Liaoning Province, was transferred to another position, technically at the same level but effectively powerless, in the judiciary bureau in 1998. Upset, he hired people to kill his new boss, director of the judiciary bureau, and later county secretary Li Xianying (ÊùéÊòæËã±).

Li Changhe (李长河), politics and law secretary in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, tried to collect contribution funds from local governments while he was party secretary of Wugang (舞钢). Batai Township (八台镇) vice-governor Lu Jingyi (吕净一), refusing to pay, offended Li, was stripped of his position and thrown in jail. When Lu got out of jail with plans to sue, Li hired someone to kill Lu and his family.

Zeng Weibin (Êõæ®ÅÊñå), mayor of Yangchun City (Èò≥Êò•Â∏Ç) in Guangdong Province, was murdered by a hired killer in 1997. Vice-mayor Yang Qizhou (Êù®ÂêØÂë®) and Lin Qiju (ÊûóÂêØËèä), deputy director of finance and trade office, were the suspected masterminds behind the murder. Two years later, police learned the true mastermind was Yangchun party secretary Yan Wenyao (‰∏•ÊñáËÄÄ), who was frustrated by Zeng’s blocking of his political and financial fortunes.

Yang Jinsheng (Êù®Èî¶Áîü), deputy chief of Fujian Province’s environmental protection bureau, paid a mafia member 30,000 yuan to pour sulfur acid on his boss, Yang Mingyi (Êù®Êòé•ï), whom he thought was blocking his promotion.

Chen Jinyun (ÈôàÈ∫ë), governor of Anyi County (ÂÆâ‰πâÂéø) in Jiangxi Province, wanted to replace secretary Hu Cigan (Ëɰʨ°Âπ≤) and hired someone to run him over with a car. Hu managed to survive, but Chen soon took over anyway. As the city’s number one official, Chen had conflicts with deputy secretary Wang Xianyong (‰∏áÂÖàÂãá), and again hired a hitman, who severely wounded Wang.

Wu Zhengyang (Âê¥Ê≠£ÂÖª), vice-mayor of Qiongshan City (ÁêºÂ±±Â∏Ç) in Hainan Province, learned in 1995 that he would be transferred to a powerless position at the city’s CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), and that education bureau chief Wu Daqin (Âê¥Â§ßÈí¶), with whom he didn’t get along, would take over his vice mayorship. The vice mayor-to-be was assassinated soon after.

Luo Zujian (罗祖建), chief of the education bureau in Hengdong County (衡东县), Hunan Province, found siphoning off public funds for his own use, went to sleep on a stretch of train tracks and was killed in 2004. [Full Text, in Chinese]


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