Power in China: Through a Glass, Darkly – Wu Zhong

From Asia Times:

Rumors are particularly rife ahead of any important Communist Party or government meeting that could potentially lead to a reshuffle. During such occasions, gossip invariably flies from one resident to another in the city about who is to be promoted and who to step down. Even a talkative taxi driver, on a long drive, can wax eloquent about what “has been discussed” by the top leadership, quoting “reliable” but invariably unnamed official sources.

In retrospect most such rumors have proved to be false. However, it would be totally unfair to say such rumors are fabricated by the ordinary residents. More likely they are deliberately spread by various factions within the Communist Party as part of their political maneuverings in the hope of grabbing more power in the upcoming reshuffle.

The party is scheduled to convene its 17th National Congress in the fall. The five-yearly congress will elect a new Central Committee – the party’s policymaking body. In turn, the Central Committee will elect a new Politburo and the Standing Committee of the Politburo.[Full Text]

February 7, 2007 3:58 PM
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