Shaanxi local police chief admits of running a prostitution ring in court – China Daily

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The sacked deputy chief of Shanyang County’s public security bureau in Shaanxi Province, He Qi, has admitted to his crimes in court.

He and 13 members of his gang are facing trial in the city of Shangluo for running a racket, detaining people illegally, extortion and blackmail, drug trafficking, robbery, embezzlement and destroying accounts.

The trial of He and his gang members entered its third day yesterday, and the hearing was expected to last nine days because the case was complicated and involved many people.

“The gang committed 52 crimes since 1998 and amassed wealth worth more than 1.6 million yuan ($200,000), victimizing 26 policemen, officials, entrepreneurs and farmers,” the court indictment said. [Full Text]

February 1, 2007 9:58 PM
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