Andy Lau fan’s father kills himself:Sina condemns and enjoys – Jeremy Goldkorn

From Danwei: has opened a special minisite about a fan of pop star Andy Lau (ÂàòÂæ∑Âçé) whose father committed suicide. Below is a translation of Sina’s introduction to the affair:

After crazed star chaser Yang Lijuan (杨丽娟) became obsessed with Andy Lau in 1994, her father bankrupted the family trying to help her realize her dream. Last year he considered selling a kidney in order to collect funds for her to travel to meet him, but even then she was not satisfied with a simple photo of herself with her idol.

On March 26 in Hong Kong, her father jumped into the sea and drowned himself. His last wishes turned out to be that Andy Lau should meet his daughter again….[Full Text]

Below is a clip from Shanghai’s Dragon TV about the affair:

March 30, 2007 6:37 PM
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