CCTV Reporters Assaulted in Qinhuangdao City – ESWN

20070407_03.jpgAnother major assault on the press by people with means, and wealth. EastSouthWestNorth blog has translated reports from Apple daily and Netease (photo: an illustration of the beating scene by Apple Daily):

reporter Wang Liping said that their team of three persons were gathering news in Zhugezhuang town, Changli county, Qinhuangdao city yesterday morning when they were intercepted by a white van and a black Honda sedan. They were then pushed around and assaulted by a dozen unidentified men. The Changli county publicity department “disagreed with this description.”

At around 19:30pm, this reporter conducted Changli county publicity department director Zhang Aijun. She said: “We do not accept that they are CCTV reporters. They were unable to show press cards and work identification.” …

Worse yet, some of the men dragged the female reporter to the river side (more than 10 meters deep) and attempted to throw her into the river. When a male reporter attempted to come to her assistance, he was kicked several times in the chest. During the tussle, the female reporter was injured in the hands, face and waist. During the beating, the men were yelling: 弄死一個是一個 (One dead is one down). [Full Text]

April 7, 2007 10:15 AM
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