Pilgrim With an Oboe, Citizen of the World – Daniel J. Wakin

From the New York Times, the third in a series examining and from China:

 Images 2007 04 08 Arts 08Waki.Xlarge1It is an extraordinary place to be for a young man who just a little more than a decade ago was playing his oboe in a practice room in Beijing. But Mr. Wang’s hiring was also a clarion example of the strides musicians from China have made in the realm of Western classical music. They have become a powerful presence as soloists, orchestra members and conservatory students.

Immigrants ” Russians, Japanese and Koreans ” have long filled out orchestral string sections and excelled as pianists. But Chinese musicians have to a large extent broken out of those areas, lending their talents to woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments as well, despite the generally lower quality of teaching of those instruments in China. [Full text]

– Listen to clips of Mr. Wang playing on his MySpace page.

April 8, 2007 8:18 AM
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