Smuggler Lai Wins Canadian Court Reprieve – AP

From AP, via China Daily:

The Canadian official who approved Lai’s removal order failed to properly consider Lai’s claim that he would be tortured, a Federal Court judge ruled…

The slow pace of Lai’s deportation case — which has gone on for seven years — has become a thorn in Chinese-Canadian relations even though Ottawa has supported Beijing’s efforts to have him returned…

Lai is accused of running a multibillion-dollar operation that bribed officials and police to avoid taxes and duties on goods ranging from oil to cigarettes that were smuggled into China’s Fujian province in the 1990s.
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See Time Magazine’s cover story Smuggler’s Blues,

which says “To get an audience with China’s most wanted man, you drive past Mr. Kim’s Kimchee Emporium, Chan’s No. 1 Chinese Language Tax Accountancy and the One-Stop XXX Adult Shop. Eventually, you pull up at the Crystal Palace”a deceptively named apartment complex in Burnaby, a dismal strip-mall suburb of Vancouver full of Asian immigrants. The elevator takes you to the 17th floor. You disembark and a cheap plywood door opens. There stands a man with slumped shoulders, his once merry cheeks deflated. Behind him, dishes are stacked high in a crowded kitchenette, the greasy smells of a Chinese breakfast congealing in the stale air. “Hello,” he says softly, searching for more English ords before shrugging apologetically and repeating his one English word again. “Hello, hello, hello.”…

April 5, 2007 11:13 PM
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